Truck driving is one of the most dangerous professions in the U.S. Drivers put their life at risk on every run they make. We know we can’t prevent every accident, but we put every resource we can into minimizing risk for our drivers and giving them maximum support in the event of an accident. When you drive with Zeitner & Sons, Inc. you can feel confident knowing we’re with you every mile no matter where you’re at.

How We Support Our Drivers

Zeitner & Sons, Inc. puts the safety of our drivers first. We don’t just say this, we take actions to ensure our drivers are safe and have the support they need to do their best. One of the biggest complaints drivers have is not getting the support they need with equipment and maintenance. When our drivers report problems with their equipment, it gets fixed. We have procedures in place that make repairs and maintenance efficient, so our drivers don’t feel like their time is wasted. A truck is another home for a driver, and we make sure our drivers are comfortable and safe.

Truck driving is one of the most
dangerous professions in the U.S.
Drivers put their life at risk on
every run they make.

Safety Awards

Zeitner & Sons, Inc. doesn’t just promote a safety first approach, we recognize it and reward it.

President Safe Driving Awards

The PSDC recognizes professional drivers who maintain an
accident-free, citation-free record for an entire year. To earn
membership, drivers must be
employed by the nominating
company for three consecutive years and must maintain a record with absolutely no accidents or ticketed violations. The driver's record both on-and-off duty, is considered.
Zeitner became a member of the President Safe Driving Club in 2010. Zeitner's is very proud to have 20 plus drivers / contractors that have earned their memberships.

Great West Fleet Safety Contest

This fleet competition, sponsored by Great West Casualty Company and Nebraska Trucking Association, recognizes those companies that have demonstrated their commitment to highway safety through active management of safety programs.Zeitner and Sons started participating in this contest in 2010 and has received awards each year since.

Million Mile Clubs

Zeitner and Sons honor our drivers and contractors for their effort to be safe with annual awards, including our Million Mile Awards.Currently, we have four tiers of accomplishment in the Million Mile Club, along with yearly safety awards.