At Zeitner & Sons, Inc., our primary focus is on truckload transportation, with an emphasis on temperature-controlled products. We specialize in the transport of refrigerated goods through-out the Mid-west, Ohio Valley, Upper North West, and Upper East Coast. From pickup to delivery, Zeitner & Sons, Inc. takes pride in providing transportation solutions that work. We use state-of-the-art technologies to provide our customers with tracking and reporting for the best efficiency possible.

Focused on Efficiency

Zeitner & Sons, Inc. is continually researching and developing new ways to improve efficiency for our partners and drivers.

SmartWay Partners

SmartWay provides a comprehensive and tested system for tracking,
documenting, and sharing information about fuel use and freight emissions across supply chains.

Lighter Equipment

Using lightweight technology allows us to reduce fuel usage and boost payload capacity for our fleet.

APU Energy Efficiency

Fleet is equipped with Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for a reduction in idle time energy, increased fuel efficiency, decreased emissions, and extended life for fleet engines and electrical systems.

Responsible Carbon Footprint

All of our systems have dramatically reduced our carbon footprint.

Service Areas Map

If you can’t find your location on a map, that’s doesn’t mean we don’t work there. Contact us and we’ll see how we can help you.